Weekly Review and Plan Creation

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Now to start the review. I didn’t think I’d accomplished much this past week. Writing everything down made it seem much more than I realized. It’s amazing how much you can do in fits and starts between naps. These medical trips leave me drained. I spend more time sleeping than awake after one.

What Did I Do Last Week

I went to Thunder Bay. I saw the neurosurgeon. I got all my hair cut off. I’ve got a pixie cut now! I went Christmas shopping and me shopping.

I started the Automagical Email Series from Tara Swiger. I did lessons one and two. Speaking of Tara, her new program Lift Off is available now. It’s a great six month program for creative entrepreneurs who aren’t quite ready for the year-long Starship Adventure. The Starship opens again on Dec. 18th. I highly recommend both. I’m in the Starship and have learned so much in the last three months!

I worked on my dishcloth inventory for my department staff Christmas lunch. I plan on selling as many as I can make. Two people have asked for some. I worked on Damia, sample 2, my gift exchange present. I need to text my boss tomorrow and see what day was decided for the lunch.

I worked on Bettina, sample 2.

I opened a MailChimp account. I downloaded the MailChimp and Chimpadeedoo apps to my iPad. I added signups to the blog, my Ravelry Designer page, profile page and the Bridgwater Crafts group page. I wrote and published a Welcome newsletter for all new subscribers. I started the January 1st newsletter.

I added the remainder of my stash of names to the Google Sheets Design Name Possibilities document. It has way more names than I’ll ever use but I’d rather have too many than not enough.

I read the Get CLEAR!: The Blog & Website Clarity Workbook by Kyla Roma. It’s free when you sign up for her newsletter.

I scheduled quotes for Quotation Wednesday on the editorial calendar then pre-wrote and scheduled these posts.

I really liked having separate Gneo pages for each day but missed having a week-at-a-glance view. So this week, I’m doing both. Most tasks take more than a day to complete so they’re spread over multiple days. As I complete the day’s portion I mark them off. As I complete tasks I’ll mark them off on┬áthe weekly page.

Here is what I’d like to work on this week:

Weekly Plan for Dec. 14-20
Weekly Plan for Dec. 14-20

It’s Been A Week!

It’s been a week. I underestimated how literally painful returning to work would be. I think I’m starting a fibro flare. I hope not!

I’ve been researching designing. Reading books, blogs, and forums. I’ve been working on patterns and knitting samples. I finished reading Shannon Okey’s The KNITGRRL Guide to Professional Knitwear Design and started reading Emma Robertson’s Knitting by Design. I finished knitting my second Ayla sample today and took photographs.

I’m a little bit further along on my next design. Here’s a peek:
Arielle Shawl peek

Hi Ho Hi Ho

Hi Ho Hi Ho, it’s back to work…I went!

After four weeks of vacation it was very difficult to get up at 6:30 and be at work (and functioning!) for 8:00 this morning!

And I only forgot one password! I had to call IT to reset my password for one system. If it didn’t lock out attempts usually after five tries I would have kept trying for a few more minutes. But it’s like I told AnaMaria, “I thought it was better to give up and call before I got locked out!”

Working all those hours did cut dramatically into my knitting time. Someone needs to pay the mortgage and buy yarn though! Only one project received knitting time tonight – design 4. And that was only a few rows. Data entry all day left me with a sore shoulder and aggravated my Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Here’s a photo of the yarn:

Now and Zen

No sneak peeks of the project yet. Soon though, there really isn’t much to see yet other than this gorgeous yarn yet.

The Test Knit for Ayla Washcloth is now FULL! Two coworkers agreed to knit it and I had another offer on Ravelry. Hopefully I’ll be doing revisions this weekend before sending the pattern to the tech editor.

OPEN TEST Ayla Washcloth

I am looking for four knitters willing to test knit a washcloth for my upcoming pattern. This pattern is beginner friendly. Only knit and purl stitches are used and the pattern is fully written, no charts are used.

The test will be held in my Ravelry group. http://www.ravelry.com/groups/bridgwater-crafts If interested but not on Ravelry contact me here. We’ll work something out. Like getting you on Ravelry!!!

1 skein Bernat Handicrafter Cotton or equivalent worsted weight cotton
4.00 mm needles (straights or circulars-your preference)
Stitch markers
Tapestry needle

August 1
Approximately 5 hours knitting time needed

One size only although the pattern could easily be adjusted to decrease/increase the finished size.

Testers will be gifted the finished pattern and receive a 20% off coupon code for existing or future patterns published in 2014-15. You will be acknowledged on the pattern page and within the pattern itself (Ravelry names only unless express permission received) anonymity is allowed.

Join me in the Canada KAL 2014 in the Designed in Canada! Ravelry Group at http://www.ravelry.com/groups/designed-in-canada.

The KAL runs July 11-Sept. 30th. The only rules are that it must be a design by a Canadian designer and cannot be cast on before July 11. Many Canadian designers (including me) are offering coupon codes for their patterns.

My coupon code is canadakal2014 for 25% off through Sept. 15th. Including forthcoming designs!

ETA-why can I not link when posting? It worked yesterday!!!