I’m Writing A Book!

A checking of the mailbox this weekend brought me some goodies. Some yarn, some Soak Wash in a new scent and a Christmas gift for my neice.

Yarnie Goodness!
Yarnie Goodness!

Today was our department Christmas lunch. There was soo much food I’m still full eight hours later! Look what I got in the gift exchange:

Gypsy Approved
Gypsy Approved
More gift, less cat!
More gift, less cat!

I’ve had a thought of writing a book for decades. Last week I thought of an idea and even came up with a perfect title. I almost let myself be talked into waiting until I had built a larger audience. Then after some encouragement I went for it. So I have started! Typing has begun.

The book will be a chronicling, almost like a journal, of my life in 2015-the story of my year as I work a full-time job, build a creative business, design patterns, write a book and try to have a family life all while living with multiple chronic illnesses and the possible return of Cancer. Bits of the same information will be on the blog as well but not in the same depth as in the book.

As it was all decided quickly not all the details are yet in place. I intend that there be two versions. One with patterns and one without. There will be a prologue covering the history of my diagnoses and life at the time. Each month of 2015 will be a chapter. Each chapter will contain one or more patterns.

The book will be released in sections. Most likely monthly but possibly further apart. Perhaps bimonthly or quarterly. I will need to build a storefront through an as yet unchosen company, most likely Etsy if I meet their newest sale criteria. There will be two versions-one with patterns, one without. The patternless version will be available on my site with both a pay in full and a subscription option.

The version with patterns will be sold through Ravelry in sections as well with an update in 2016 to the new compiled version. All designs will be exclusively available only through the ebook until 2016. Designs will range from small to large; there will be at least one afghan. I’m working on a list of pattern possibilities tonight after I publish this post.

More book news will follow as decisions are made.

Once compiled the chapters etc will be digitized and available as an ebook through Amazon, Kobobooks and Smashbooks. There may also be print-on-demand options. I haven’t decided on that yet.

Subscribe to our newsletter. The prologue will be sent to all subscribers in mid-January as a preview of the book.

Happy Thursday

Happy Thanksgiving to my US readers!

It’s been a slow day yet fast day. Slow because I’m waiting for my favourite online yarn store to open her Black Friday Sale. I peeked at her new arrivals page but she hasn’t added any of the yarn trunk shows she’s running. But I did put two interchangeables cables into my cart for my new set. You always need extra cables! I was there last night adding something for my neice for Christmas. It’s not on sale but now seems like a good time to grab it.

And fast because I slept late then took a nap. I’m having trouble sleeping at night. The pain is keeping me awake I think. But during the day when I’m on stronger pain meds I end up napping which turns into a vicious cycle.  I’m going to try adding melatonin tonight. It’s worked in the past to help me sleep. If that doesn’t work I’ll try naproxen or ibuprofen at bedtime

Did you hear the updated Wooly app is up? I’d about given up hope. I need to play around with it. Maybe I’ll review it in the future. I used to use it all the time until the developers stopped fixing bugs and issues while working on the new version. It seemed to crash every second time I tried to use it to the point I was doing all the photo taking and editing in other programs first before uploading them with Wooly to Ravelry. Wooly 2.0 is not complete. The developers have already stated there will be a December update fixing bugs and turning on some functions.

From what I’ve seen in the little time I’ve played around, it looks good. The iPad dashboard is nice-it’s nice to see the whole screen used. I thought we’d be able to view and add to our library but I didn’t see any signs of that. The new Wooly allows for adding projects and stash. But the add project function didn’t work for me-it stalled at finding the yarn box. Saving wouldn’t work but cancel worked very fast! It also didn’t scroll up as you filled in boxes. Eventually you have to stop because the keyboard is blocking the bottom half of the boxes you need to fill in! I’ll play some more later.

Please answer the poll. I can’t keep all the themes and would appreciate your insight into which themes are your favourites.

They’re Here! They’re Here!

A few weeks ago the possibility of purchasing HiyaHiya needles was brought up on a Ravelry group I frequent.  Someone was interested in ordering a size of Interchangeables that weren’t current in stock in this online store I’ve very fond of. She was told if she were to go to the HiyaHiya website and find some she liked our lovely shop owner was about to put in an order. Not long after came the query “can you order me the Limited Edition Interchangeable Set of 5″ Sharps?”

I’ve been wanting to get a new set of interchangeables since I started using the HiyaHiya fixed circulars and dpns last year. There is just no comparison between my KnitPicks Interchangeables and the HiyaHiyas fixed regular or sharp set. But I kept putting it off. And putting it off.

But curiousity got the better of me and I went to the site. Just to look. And to see what was so limited edition about these needles. I found a lot of extras came with this set. It came in a gorgeous case. It had 13 sets of tips, 4 cables in four lengths, cable connectors, stoppers, puppy snips, darn it needles, and French stitch markers/Knitters Safety Pins. All for a very reasonable price.

So, in the spur of the moment, I posted in the forum asking for a set too. Audrey of course said yes! So, the order went in, PayPal invoices were emailed and paid. In a few days as PayPal in the meantime had frozen my account for suspicious use. Although the second email implied it was a random draw! That was cleared up within a few days! Meanwhile the needles were shipped to Audrey, who email me asking if I wanted blue or purple-she had a set of each left.

The original enabler had received her blue set and posted photographs in the forum. The case reminded me of peacock tail feathers. Being that blue-green is one of my top three favourite colours, I asked for the blue. Audrey shipped them the next day. I’ve been anxiously tracking them. They went from Michigan to NYC, NY, to Chicago back to NYC then finally to customs then were released from customs to Canada Post. Where the trail stopped as it so often does!

They didn’t arrive on Friday although some yarn did. My August Yarn vs Zombies Year of the Geek Club yarn arrived. The theme I chose was Tolkienverse. Kiki dyed up “Gollum” on her Artefact base. It’s gorgeous as all Kiki’s yarn is and took the usual time getting to me from Australia.

Gollum on Artefact
Gollum on Artefact
Gollum on Artefact Photo 2
Gollum on Artefact
Photo 2

I didn’t check the mail yesterday. I didn’t have the energy to walk the three blocks. Today I checked and they were here! I immediately unwrapped them and took lots of photos!

They're Here!
They’re Here!

Now I’m trying to be very very good and finish what I’m already working on before trying these out. But it’s so very difficult!

And they look so great!

All the extras!
All the extras!
Isn't the case a great colour?
Isn’t the case a great colour?

Be Mindful!

I’m still test knitting for Pia. I think Purple Knight is a great design. I am really enjoying the knit. Everyone who sees the project loves it. I hope to knit it again in the future.

I also started a design for my ebook. I’m switching off between the sweater and this as-yet-unnamed cowl. The sweater is fingering weight and the cowl Aran. When my hands get tired of one I work on the other.

I started my Mindfulness Based Chronic Pain Management class. The classes are every Monday for thirteen weeks. I’m hopeful it will be successful in helping me learn to live with my chronic pain. I would love to be able to reduce the amount of pain medication I take. The classes are offered by the NeuroNova Centre for Mindfulness-Based Chronic Pain Management in Toronto via The Ontario Telehealth Network as videoconferences. There were at least ten locations across the province taking part in the course! My second class was today. I found last week’s class helpful. I was in less pain during the week. The days I did not meditate I felt more pain. I just need to get into the habit of doing homework again and meditating daily.

I’m almost finished Chart Your Stars and have started Crafting an Effective Blog courses on the Starship. I am so glad I made the investment in my business and joined the Starship Adventure. The support of Tara and the other members is amazing. Everyone is friendly and helpful. There is always someone available to bounce ideas off and brainstorm with. Membership opens to the public today! I recommend joining if you have a creative business.

I got hung up on one aspect of the Chart Your Stars course. It asks you to find your value(s)/attribute(s)-North Stars-that are going to lead all business decisions/direction for the year. I had trouble narrowing down my choices. After a two day debate with myself I decided on Mindfulness and Love-two of the first I thought of. These two words are leading my personal life this year too.

A co-worker reminded me last week we have a wage raise scheduled Sept. 28th and a lump sum raise scheduled for Sept. 29th. I had forgotten it was so close. This year seems to be flying by! I think part of the lump sum payment is going to purchase some Yarn Love yarn. Smitten Yarns is running a buy any colour on any base special order sale until Oct. 1st. Another portion will go into the business.

Tomorrow morning I’m heading to the city for an appointment with my oncologist for my two year check up. I’m worried. I’m trying not to worry but I’m afraid my ultrasound two weeks ago may have found cancer again. I know it was an hour long ultrasound and she was measuring every lymph node in my neck. She was very thorough. I keep hoping that’s the normal protocol for CancerCare ordered ultrasounds. I’ll get my results on Wed.

Mira and I walked to the mailbox this evening. Inside were three parcels! I can home and tore into them. It was like it rained yarn in my living room!

Yarnie Goodness!

It’s been a great day!

This morning I emailed a tech editor to query availability to work on Ayla. She emailed me back an acceptance this afternoon! I’m emailing her the file(s) after testing is complete.

I finished knitting my first sample of Ayla, cast off and wove in the ends. I finished the first draft of the pattern and converted it from a Pages file to a pdf. I caught an error before emailing the pattern to my first tester! Corrected the error, reconverted and emailed.

I started my second sample of Ayla. I’m using a different yarn this time and a different colour. I think I like this one better, so far at least.

Yarnie goodness arrived in the mail! A wonderful shipment I purchased from Audrey at Smitten Yarns www.smittenyarns.com during her June birthday month specials! In the package was a skein of Becoming Art Theia Sport in the Sanguine Sky colourway, three skeins of Yarn Love Marie Antoinette in the Be As One, The One and Only and It Takes One To Know One colourways, a 4.5mm HiyaHiya Sharp 24″ circular and a sample of Soak Heel in the Cucumber scent. This is my first Becoming Art yarn and my first Marie Antoinette (it’s a new base). They are all gorgeous and sparkly and sooo soft. Both bases have cashmere!

Smitten Birthday

I think I will have to design a three colour shawl for these! And yes the green really is that bright!

I started Design 4! I’ve written out the beginning and middle of the pattern. I need to decide on the end still. I started knitting sample one AKA Design 4a if you’re watching my project page. It’s not a three colour shawl but it is a shawl.

I already know what Design 5 will be but Design 6 may be that three colour shawl! Although the order I start the design may have nothing to do with the publication order. That will depend on how long the entire process runs. If Design 7 is something small it could easily overtake 4, 5 and 6!

But I will end with a hint – my next three are shawls…